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Become Your Neighborhood’s Top Babysitter

If you want to make more money babysitting by working for more families or making more money per hour, consider taking a babysitting safety or training course. Competition for babysitting jobs—especially in the summer—can be fierce. Taking one of these classes could give you the advantage to get the best jobs!

Child safety training for babysitters is often offered through your local YMCA, the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and your local hospital or fire station. Training will include CPR on infants and older children, first aid, the Heimlich maneuver, how to handle fires or sparking electrical wires, how to safely use a car seat, what to do in severe weather, and even different ways to handle temper tantrums. woman playing wit younger child

Did you know you can become a certified babysitter? Babysitter certification courses include the safety training above and much more. Offered through the Red Cross and YMCAs, this course will teach you about age-appropriate activities, basic care for infants, child behavior, leadership, and even how to create a successful babysitting business.

Water safety is important, especially in the summer, when kids (and probably you, too!) want to go to the beach or the pool. Again, the Red Cross, as well as local recreation centers and pools, often offer classes on water safety and/or lifeguard training.

If you often drive kids to and from school or other activities, a defensive driving class through the DMV would be an excellent addition to your babysitting resume. You could even get a car insurance discount for taking the class!

Taking one or more of these classes is a great way to gain parent confidence, boost your resume, be paid more, and be given bigger jobs, like watching kids for longer periods of time or all day, driving them to activities, or watching more kids. Think of it as an investment in your babysitting small business!

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